We assist companies in creating value via outsource programs. Whether you look for rationalising current organisation or for increasing growth we propose tailored, performance oriented solutions via a pool of highly skilled resources in offshore countries.


Why outsourcing?

Increase growth opportunities

  • * Explore development opportunities with small investments and easy to settle back up plan.
  • * Look for growth without increasing your management workload.
  • * Through a higly flexible structure, scale your business easily and rapidly to fit accurately market trends.


Rationalise current organisation

  • * Allocate the right resource to every task, a higly motivated offshore resource perform better than a frustrated internal operator.
  • * Reduce operating cost to maximize profit or invest in development.
  • * Focus your management and internal resources on strategic activities.


Our services

Contact Centre Management

We propose partner acquisition, customer conquest and loyalty building programs. We operate at every stage of the customer relation to create and develop customer value.


Business Processes Outsorcing

We propose dedicated offshore resources for all processes oriented non core activities. We study customer context, increase efficiency by introducing process, delegate task to offshore resources, monitor efficacy and efficiency. We handle for the customer all change management issues.


Our ways

We neither offer on the shelf solutions nor apply single and repetitive models. We design and deploy tailored solutions to meet customers challenges. All deployed services are monitored to match return on investment objectives.

We consider that success of any internal as outsource program depends on the involvment of allocated resources, we focus on having dedicated high quality resources truly concerned to customers endevour.